Supply Chain.

AMRLIT is one of the most trusted and biggest global supply chains out there. Our Vice President/Head of Supply and other team members have an endless network of suppliers. 


Connecting with the proper suppliers is important. Working with AMRLIT, you will be able to utilize our network and we will pair with you a supplier that will work with you side by side. Making sure your product line is top quality is our first and foremost priority!


Due to the extremes of Covid-19, we are doing our part in supplying PPE supplies and products globally. We are and have been able to exceed all expectations on price quotes for every PPE and Medical equipment possible.


3 ply face mask

Thermometer Gun

1860 Mask

Hand Sanitizer

Fog Doors

KN95 face mask

Nitrile Gloves

8210 Mask

Sanitizer Wipes

Sanitizing Diffusers

N95 Niosh

Vinyl Gloves

Medical Gowns

Electric Static Sprayer

Sanitizer Spray Bottle

We Remain Strong!

Food Supply chains are feeling the weight during this pandemic. As companies are finding implications leading them to substitute products. As we are going through shortages, the USDA has been doing an amazing job to keep us informed.

Not only do we carry the vast variety of products above, we also supply the raw materials and machinery. 

Reach out to our head of the supply chain for quotes!

The growth of international supply chains has seen massive numbers increase! Transportation chains have been extremely proficient entirely through its infrastructure of trade.

Customer Rapport

First impression is key to our company values! We do our best to be at arms length with our partners and clientele. At AMRLIT, our relationships/partnerships are built on the strongest base for retention and long lasting cooperation.

Do not hesitate! CEO Lance Woods loves building relationships personally. Contact us to find out how to speak with Mr. Woods directly!