AMRLIT. Foundation

American Logistics International Trade was co-founded by a group of established specialists in different trades. Each member bridging their networks to provide a vast and unbeatable supply chain. Our objective is to distribute exceptional goods, services, and the vehicles you need presently and upcoming.

Meet Our CEO

Lance Woods was born and raised in Venice, California. As a young child, he witnessed first hand the excavation and building of the world's largest man-made recreation marina aka "Marina Del Rey". Through that experience, it inspired his later natural engineering attributes. Soon Lance would move to Orange County to obtain his real estate license and participate in the 70's real estate boom and would engage in the new home subdivisions. With success, Lance would exchange those profits to build his steel hall ketch yacht and sail around the world for 8 years where he was exposed to import and export business trades. As he found his way back to the states, he landed and rebuilt his career in Long Beach California. From ground-up he was able to produce one of the most successful rotary clubs on the western side of the US. As President of the Rotary club and his vast line of partners, he was able to build this successful company American Logistics International Trade and has been able to provide some of the greatest consulting and trade services in this industry.

"Providing solutions to overcome every obstacle with authenticity and originality."

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