Hack Your Passion.

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Welcome to hack your passion. Congratulations on taking very significant steps in your life towards finding your purpose! We encourage and believe that finding your purpose in life is about finding a passionate direction rather than a destination. We don’t believe in categorizing people or labelling based on their “personality-type.”

Instead, we focus on guiding people to discover what they are passionate about and what inspires them to grow. Nothing breeds success like passion – it motivates you to work hard, propels you to grow and it keeps you energized. Passion makes the road to success so much easier – simply because you enjoy what you’re doing. Regardless of your personality type or skills, we know that where there is passion, there is endless fuel for achievement. The path to success is all about self-exploration to discover what it is that inspires you! When you don’t introspect, you can easily become discouraged.

Can you imagine trying to get somewhere you’ve never been before without and road map, directions or GPS? You would always feel a little bit lost. But if you have a direction to guide you, it will enable you to enjoy your journey, and to use any spontaneous detours as creative fuel to perpetuate fulfillment. Because purpose is a passionate direction, it is something that is subject to grow and expand as you do throughout your life. The key here is to find something that truly resonates with you or ignites some sort of fire in you.

As soon as you’re learning about what you love, you are empowered to create the type of life that you want to live.

According to Harvard social psychologist Will McDougal, there is a difference between feel-good happiness and value-based happiness.

Feel-good happiness is sensation based and is therefore ruled by the law of diminishing returns.

Value-based happiness is based upon meaning and fulfillment. It generates a general sense of well-being and is a long-term form of happiness.

Help people think BIG and independently. For example, don’t just say “social worker” say, licensed psychologist with a private practice.

Don’t say “personal trainer”, throw out the idea that a person could open their own gym. Inspiration and passion run in congruence.

If we can inspire people to think big, they will be more open-minded to hard work because inspiration has a positive effect when it comes to big dreams. This will help people better discover their passions, or in the very least take the first crucial steps along a path.

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Know that your results aren’t meant to confine you – they are meant to be personal stepping stones that enable you to create a foundation of interest, while steering you in a positive direction.

When you interpret your results – it is a good idea to write down what resonates with you most, and then use the tools to do some exploring of your own. Avoid getting caught up solely in choosing what you’re good at because you’re familiar with it.

We encourage you to make choices based on what you want to be good at and what you want to invest yourself in learning about rather than what you think you should. We want to help you put an end to the categories and self-imposed limits. With enough passion, you will always live your purpose.